Reduce Lost Time Spent on EHR Documentation and Focus More on Client Care

Managing the clinical side of behavioral health care should not interfere with providing clients the support they need to improve their lives.

“When you're running a facility, time is the most valuable resource. Creating and maintaining evidence-based curriculum, auditing individual and group notes, and integrating Master Treatment Plan goals into progress notes – they are requirements of the job, and they take time away from the direct client care. I am not tech-savvy. Opening a dozen items to review one client was frustrating and time consuming. Overseeing a facility with 40 clients means we need to stay organized and streamline our processes, especially our EHR system,” said Debbie Vadell, Clinical Director of Comfort Recovery in Miami. 

Client: Comfort Recovery


Overview: Comfort Recovery offers a remarkable addiction program focused on helping people transition from treatment to independent, healthy living in Miami.