“Navigating Your Systems Through Integration: The Power of Modern Technology in Behavioral Health”

As treatment demand increases, technological advances become more important to adapt to. The power of modern integration allows systems to sync and communicate effectively. For single data input, up-to-date status updates, and bidirectional flow of information, it will enable multiple users to use an easy-to-use, fully-encompassed system to manage their patients and clients effectively without room for errors and get paid on time.

It would only benefit a practice to have an all-in-one EHR and RCM that communicates clearly for optimal, efficient operations and the highest practice return on investment.

This webinar recording discusses navigating your systems through integration using modern behavioral health technology through Practice Management, RCM, and EHR connectivity.

  1. Increase efficiency and productivity at your facility
  2. Learn key metrics for higher practice ROI
  3. Get your time back to see more patients per week
  4. Improve communication through data sharing
  5. Tips for easy navigation through an ever-growing technological landscape
  6. Ways to connect with patients and clients to increase outcomes
  7. Benefits of partnership integration – get the most out of your EHR and RCM

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Our Speakers

Angela Nightengale

Angela Nightengale

Senior Sales Manager

Opus EHR


Steven Johnson

Vice President, Sales



Patricia Quinn LCSW, EMDR

Lead Therapist

Discovery Point Retreat