Deliver cost-effective and compliant Telehealth that is part of their EHR

Managing the clinical side of addiction treatment and behavioral health care should not interfere with providing clients the support they need to improve their lives.

“When Covid hit, we were forced to change how we conduct services. We were challenged to start Telehealth services, and quickly. In order to stay in business, we shifted from our traditional in-person services to virtual services. We struggled with ways to send our intake documents, releases and treatment plans. There are various platforms that offer video services, with varying levels of HIPAA compliance. With our clients counting on our services, it was vital that we launched our virtual program, quickly and properly,” said Andrea Baskin, Clinical Director at Safe Landing Recovery.

Client: Safe Landing Recovery


Overview: Safe Landing Recovery provides the highest quality teen drug rehab and addiction treatment services for young people while providing guidance toward a brighter future. By focusing on the unique needs of teenagers recovering from substance abuse, Safe Landings addresses addiction at its root, preventing long term hardships.