Opus Lab Module - Integration for
Behavioral Health Facilities



Opus Connects with Your Lab Partner for Seamless Test Ordering 

With Opus Lab Module, the integration allows your facilities to order lab tests and receive results directly in Opus, eliminating the need to use the lab’s portal and separate logins. Opus makes it easy for users to quickly order tests, track, and receive results without ever leaving our platform. No more duplicate logins to Opus and your lab – do it all in Opus instead.


How This Works

Save Time and Money as Opus Enables Fast Interactions with Your Lab Partner

We sync your information and get your patient results quicker through Opus. Orders are submitted to your lab in real-time and results appear in Opus the minute they are reported by your lab partner.


Opus Lab Module Simplifies Your Process

Maximize Efficiency

Save time by not having to log in to separate portals to manage lab orders and results.

Better Patient Experience 

Clinicians can access results easily and patients benefit from faster diagnosis and plans of action to treat their needs.

Accessible Results via Device 

If necessary, Clinicians can share lab results with patients directly on their computer or mobile device.


Opus Lab Module - Integrated Solution


Laboratories play an integral part in the treatment and the progress of clinical goals.

Opus understands the importance of lab results and how they affect treatment. By integrating with your lab partner Opus eliminates extra steps, and double-entry, reducing the risk of human error. Order tests and receives results directly in Opus.

Our lab module ensures smooth and efficient operations, where laboratories across the country can fully integrate with patient records directly for a bi-directional flow of information.

Opus allows providers to request follow-up tests in the platform immediately after reviewing concerning or inconclusive results. This ensures that patients are treated promptly, especially in the case of urgent circumstances.



Benefits of Integrating Opus with Your Lab Partner

  • Faster ordering and receiving of results
  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Better organization of patient records
  • Optimizes explanatory information with test reports
  • Advances patient engagement and outcomes
  • Enhance insurance and regulatory compliance by keeping all records in the same place.


Key Features of Opus Lab Module 

  • Regulatory and HIPAA compliance
  • Patient Registration and Results Portal
  • Specimen labeling and storage
  • Real-time data exports
  • Critical call logs and audit reports
  • User permission and password protection 
  • Corrective action logs
  • Data Integration
  • Inventory management
  • Laboratory department integration
  • Consolidated reports for patient results
  • Multiple invoice formats
  • Sample storage management
  • Report generation
  • File import and export
  • Integrates with external data sources
  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Built-in tools for analytics and data administration
  • Automated appointment waitlist tools
  • Online scheduling tools