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Instantly draft your notes saving 40% of your time with each therapy session.

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Save Time and Money by Drafting Your Notes in Real Time

Calculate the cost-savings and revenue increase potential for your facility.

Clinicians hourly rate is $50
24 working days per month
One-hour long sessions
Clinicians sees 6 patients per day
Reimbursement MH session is $70, SUD is $125

A True No-Brainer

per month

per year

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Revenue Boost

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per month

Return On Investment

additional monthly revenue -

monthly cost Opus Co-Pilot

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Other benefits

hours saved per month per clinician
90% reduction of fatigue

Total notes produced by practice:

notes per day
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Time spent on notes per month:


Current Revenue

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Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to cut down on screen time, improve the quality of notes, and increase your revenue Potential


Save Time

Opus AI takes detailed contextual notes and meticulously transcribes each point discussed.


Reduce Screentime

Note drafts are ready the minute you end the therapy session and only require a quick review before saving.



Opus AI captures detailed nuance during therapy sessions and creates impeccable, insurance-friendly notes.



The time savings and ability to see more patients increases your facility's revenue potential.

48 Hours

Average time saved per month per clinician.

28% Improvement

in revenue reimbursement from better, more detailed notes*


of clinicians experience a significant reduction of fatigue.

Empower your clinicians with a streamlined approach to documentation.

AI-Powered Clinical Documentation

  • Magically create instant clinical notes from any patient interaction.
  • Ensure your patients stay engaged in their care journey.
  • Spend more time with your patients.
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Optimize Clinical Care

More one-on-one with your patients and less time writing notes

Opus AI listens in during therapy sessions and creates impeccable, insurance-friendly notes that are structured in the exact format of your forms and templates in Opus.

Conversations are meticulously transcribed and organized, saving therapists invaluable time, improving note quality, and maximizing revenue by allowing them to see more patients.


Focus On The Patient, Not Paperwork

Save 40% of your time and see more patients.

  • Magically generate notes from patient interactions.
  • Make better use of your time and see more patients.
  • Spend more quality time with your patients.
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Better Documentation, Better Care

  • Capture detailed nuances of each patient interaction.
  • Effortlessly produce better notes than ensure reimbursement.
  • Keep your patients engaged in their care journey.
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For in-person consultations

  • Works on your computer and mobile device - no additional hardware required.
  • No complex setup or IT involvement.
  • Capture each session from beginning to end.
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For telehealth consultations

  • Works with any videoconference platform including Zoom, Meet, Teams, and others.
  • Maximize eye contact with your patient.
  • Non-invasive, takes just a small corner of your screen.


  • Audio, transcripts, and notes are never saved or stored anywhere.
  • HIPAA and GDPR-compliant
  • SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified
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Works On Any Device


Opus AI works everywhere: Whether you are at your desk on your computer, or on the move on your mobile device.

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For Behavioral Health and Substance Use Dependence Treatment Facilities

Maximize efficiency and improve care by empowering your team to focus on patient care and not on writing notes. By automating the note-writing process, clinicians save 40% of their time they can use to see more patients.

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