Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize clinical care services while maximizing
claim collections and profitability


Why Revenue Cycle Management Matters?

Billing and coding claims accurately can be complicated, compounded by the challenges of coordinating internal practice workflow and eliminating human coding, claims denial and billings errors. As the leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management, we offer added value, specifically in the Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) industry. We optimize clinical care services to your patients while maximizing collections, minimizing submission times, and offer a system of checks and balances to reduce insurance claim denials and improve your financial performance and profitability.

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    Technology and Automation
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    Hiring, Staffing, and Compliance
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    Improving the Bottom Line
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    Strategic management Partner

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

Maximize reimbursements on out-of-network bills. Reduce patient billings.
Eliminate claims denial and the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies.

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    Automated billing and insurance filing

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    In-depth Reporting & Analysis

    Comprehensive insights and analytics reports

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    AR Management

    Accounts receivable management, reimbursement and claims denial management by a trusted outsourced team

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    Accurate coding by certified, trained professionals can be provided at an additional fee

Inpatient Managed Billing Benefits

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    Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

    Complete revenue cycle specialists from patient payments to Insurance reimbursement.

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    Real-Time Transparency

    Up to the minute dashboards and reporting show medical billing performance at any time.

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    Extension of Your Team

    Our staff work as members of your practice to help patients and communicate with payers.

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    Don’t Back Down

    Whether denials, appeals, underpayments, or recoupment, we diligently get you paid what you are owed.

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    Optimal Performance

    Impressive first pass claim adjudication and prompt remittance posting greatly reduce your payment cycle.

Outpatient Billing Services

The best business intelligence platform for greater insights and in-depth analytics


Billing and Collections

Capture analytics in real-time with customized reporting and connect to any database

Payer Service Charges

Easily monitor insurance mix by practice, state, payer and profit


Collection Summary

See all transactions, and claims by location, provider, and source to forecast and strategize operations

Complementary Practice Analysis

This complementary analysis will give you incredible insights into process efficiencies and revenue improvement opportunities. Take this first step to becoming more profitable today

  • Benchmark Your Reimbursement Rates and Claim Efficiency Against Peers
  • Review the Revenue Impact of No Show and Cancelled Appointments
  • Identify Lost Revenue due to Patient Balances (especially > 90 days)
  • Recoup Lost Revenue due to Unpaid Claims (especially > 120/180 days)
  • Review Ways to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Referrals
  • Strategies for Increasing Revenue for Routine Appointments
  • and Pro-Active Patient Outreach
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Why Opus?

Promote efficiency at a lower cost with greater consistency. Generate revenue faster.
Improve financial performance and profitability.

  • Denial Management

    Provides an integrated, efficient work tool which effectively manages the process of claim collections and reduces claim denials

  • Strategic Management

    Promotes confidence in the performance of your revenue cycle with technology, automation and strategic management

  • Accuracy

    Optimizes accurate coding by certified experienced coders which ensures each claim is paid at the highest rate

  • Revenue

    Increases payor collections, reduces patient billing and eliminates the hassle of dealing with insurance companies

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