Safely e-prescribe medications to your patients pharmacy, using our secure EHR.

Gone are the days of calls and faxes to pharmacies. Electronically transmit the information directly to your patient’s pharmacy. Save time.
Reduce the risk of fraud and medication errors by eliminating paper prescription pads, with legible, verified electronic prescriptions.
E-Prescribe streamlines the process of prescriptions to the patient's pharmacy. Increasing patient adherence to medications.

Get an efficient, secure, streamlined medication
process with E-Prescribe

E-Prescribe for Controlled Substances

Not every EHR can be used for EPCS. According to Federal guidelines, it is required that an EHR must meet certain security measures before being approved. An authentication system is utilized to ensure only authorized users are able to access the E-Prescribe and EPCS options. DEA guidelines allow for use of E-Prescribe for controlled substances, adding an extra level of protection for your MAT programs.

E-Prescribe makes prescribing medications safer with our authentication and security measures.

e-prescribe for controlled substances
Integration of patient records

Integration of Patient Records

E-prescribing systems can either stand-alone or be part of an EHR. With the power of an integrated EHR, patient information from clinical notes, diagnoses, lab results, and patient history is easily accessible to the physician.

Reduce the risk of an adverse drug event or a preventable medical error by accessing all patient information in one place.

Expand your business with remote E-Prescribe

The demand for remote services has given businesses the opportunity to expand their services, regardless of location. Using our Telehealth and E-Prescribe services, ensure patient medication adherence for optimal continuation of care and extension of outpatient services.

Respond responsibly to the demand for remote psychiatric services. Care from anywhere.

expand your business with remote e-prescribe

Why E-Prescribe?

E-prescribe is a feature that comes with every OPUS suite of services. By reducing errors and streamlining the e-prescribing process, both the patient and the provider save time. Utilizing our integrated EHR, physicians have access to information otherwise not readily available through a stand alone e-prescribing software.


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