Behavioral Health EHR

With everything in one place, your care teams stay in sync and achieve
better patient outcomes that lead to higher reimbursements.


Why EHR Matters

Your EHR workflow analysis has to be scalable. Unfortunately, many EHR systems don't provide robust functionality that's easy to use and mobile optimized. Here's why behavioral health clinicians who use other EHR vendors are now switching to Opus EHR software.

collaborate & document

Collaborate & Document

Use your EHR to capture, tag, search, and share documentation. Enjoy the benefit of EHR alerts for overdue notes, conversations about your patients, or incidents to your team.

intake 2xs faster

Intake 2Xs Faster

EHR technology increases the speed of patient admission by engaging with patients on mobile devices to complete intake documentation and get paid faster.

actionable insights

Actionable Insights

EHR intelligence via real-time dashboards that keeps your team up to date and compliant – so you spend less time on EHR adoption and more time delivering patient care.

Beyond Just an EHR
A Solution for Every Role and Every Goal

Learn how to customize OPUS EHR Suite for your unique business needs.

Role: Clinical

Document Review

Save time by navigating through your team’s clinical documents –all in one place. Every clinical note, group progress note, and treatment plan is easily reviewed, revised, and signed in one location, with just one click.


Eliminate the hassle of chart auditing and concisely navigate through the patient EHR.

Case Load

Quickly assign new patients to your team members, track assigned tasks and due dates, and customize alerts to ensure work is completed on time.


Help your team manage their time and tasks effectively.

Group notes made simple

Remote sign-in for group members, batch group note creation, and access to customized, group curriculum. Breeze through group progress notes, track clinical hours, and access your unique curriculum with our Group Progress Note feature.


Improved quality of documentation

Ensure no vital information is missed with our real-time, automated prompts for the writer. Better quality documentation, fewer errors.


Whatever your strategy, Opus EHR equips you to succeed.

Your process. Better results.

Role: Operational

Insightful KPIs at a Glance

See your scheduled intakes and discharges, distribution of patients per level of care, upcoming due dates for your team, and monitor AMA rates on your dashboard.


Integrated Internal Utilization Review

Conduct and track insurance reviews from a single interface. One-click access to relevant patient documents. Assign coverage days and manage insurance authorizations. No longer necessary to use a third-party UR company.


Business Expansion Potential

Manage every level of care, every department, every task, with one platform. Add features to your OPUS EHR suite as you grow.


Whatever your strategy, Opus EHR equips you to succeed.

Your process. Better results.

E-Signature Forms

Empower your Behavioral Health EHR team to engage your patients and document faster via the Opus cloud based EHR.

Prepare and send documents using our electronic signature app. Complete in-person signing and instant visibility directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Improve your Admissions team's EHR experience by transferring meaningful consent approvals straight from your patient’s phone into your EHR. You'll reduce EHR training times and increase the speed of required patient documentation.

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MEDcorrect increases reimbursements.

MEDcorrect is a game changing solution for revenue management and higher reimbursements. Enhancing the quality of documentation to reflect medically necessary criteria and decreasing denial of claims. 

Optimize the power of your utilization review and billing with higher reimbursements from insurance providers.

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Internal Messaging & Alerts

Internal Messaging & Alerts

Collaborate with you care team on patient care with ease.

Syncs multi-department, communication of patient care information to one place. Get real-time notifications about changes to patient care, step downs and step ups, changes in schedules, and more.

Instant notifications and alerts about patient care from every department.

  • Notifications
    Keep your care teams informed about patient care and status updates
  • Alerts
    Share conversations, progress notes and incidents that are important
I spent a lot of time auditing charts to make sure the quality of our documentation is up to the standards of our governing agencies. Now, I’m able to automatically send my team alerts when their progress notes are due. I can designate tasks to different departments, and I am able to search and review documents quickly. Opus provides the tools to cut down my auditing time by simplifying it to just a few clicks. It gives me more time to support my team and get back to what really matters... patient care.

Andrea Horwitz LCSW, Clinical Director

See how Opus helps addiction, SUD and behavioral health treatment centers

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See how Opus helps addiction, SUD and behavioral health treatment centers.


Opus is an awesome way to easily customize rules and features to meet your specific business needs.

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