Release Notes

Whats New

Version 3.5

Friday, December 1, 2023


Discover the latest Opus 3.5 update launching December 1: featuring a new To Do List for efficient documentation and enhanced scheduling that automatically updates tasks upon appointment scheduling.

Release Notes

Version v3.5

Friday, December 1, 2024

We’re excited to introduce version 3.5 of Opus. This update is going live this coming Friday, December 1, so we thought we would shoot you a quick email letting you know what’s new.

What’s New:

To Do List: One of our favorite new features in Opus is a sleek, real-time organizational tool designed to keep your staff on top of documentation, ensuring billing gets out on time. The To Do List will be the first screen you see, replacing the My Pending Documents screen.

Enhanced Scheduling: Automatically creates a Task in the To Do List when an appointment is scheduled.

How This Update Benefits You: 

  • Experience a boost in productivity with our intuitive To Do List, ensuring vital actions are surfaced just when needed.

  • Clients will now receive more reliable text message reminders and notifications about their portal and appointments; email for assistance configuring this feature

  • Opus will be snappier and load times have been drastically reduced.


Bug Fixes

Version 3.5

December 1, 2023

We have addressed small issues with text messages (SMS), making it more reliable for all users using this feature for appointment reminders, access to the patient portal, documentation requests, and more.