New Year, New Billing Processes: More Visibility, Better Decisions

New Year, New Billing Processes: More Visibility, Better Decisions

Welcome to 2023! It's time for new beginnings, resolutions, and, best of all—new billing processes. Yes, you read that right. This is the best time when behavioral health providers, clinical managers, and group practices have the opportunity to re-evaluate their billing process and systems to see the best fit for their organization to make this the best practice year yet!

With the new Opus Managed Billing — leave behind the days of managing reimbursements and payments with spreadsheets and manual processes or inefficient software with duplicate entries. Looking into new billing processes to move operations to more efficient levels for the best decision-making is an excellent idea for practices of all sizes. Without total visibility over spending and budgeting, making informed decisions about handling the accounts can be challenging. New systems must be implemented that reduce the burden on resources and provide accurate data upon which to base operational decisions. Fortunately, there are tips that any practice can use to launch new billing procedures successfully. Change management is essential for a successful implementation. Identifying where existing processes need improvement is just as important as recognizing when more innovative solutions will provide better accuracy and efficiency. Researching comprehensive total billing solutions to automate payments and invoicing is an excellent way to streamline workflows.

What to consider when looking for a new billing process right now:

  • Set the terms and fees initially.
  • Optimize your billing times.
  • Getting reimbursement payments on time.
  • Minimize room for error.
  • Automate, automate, automate.
  • Hassle-free billing software – easy is the way to go.
  • Forget spreadsheets. Get on the cloud.
  • Integration is in.
  • Centrally locate all data.
  • Have real-time analytics for clear visibility.

More than ever, accurate and efficient billing is essential to provide financial visibility, allowing practice managers to make more decisive operational decisions – but only if done correctly. In this blog post, we'll explore how an effective system can help improve your practice's overall outcomes and why it should be top of mind as you move through 2023.

The new year presents an excellent opportunity for a positive change, so why not prioritize upgrading your billing processes? You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll get paid when you take advantage of Opus’s Managed Billing options for powerful analytics and total billing solutions. You can expect an improved experience from start to finish with clear, quick reimbursements and a streamlined process. Moreover, if the New Year calls for more flexible schedules and automated appointment reminders, look no further than our state-of-the-art patient kiosk – available as a tablet – to check in your patients, fill out necessary forms, and all update records that sync into the patient portal in real-time. Streamlining your process adds efficiency to the entire cycle and provides flexibility with automated appointment reminders and an interactive tablet-based kiosk for patient check-ins. Put the New Year to good use by elevating your processes today!

Opus Managed billing solutions offer complete practice visibility and insights into how fast their services are reimbursed. With these powerful analytics tools, you can get paid quickly and accurately with clear payment schedules. With greater visibility into claims data, your team can make smarter decisions based on real-time insights, which will help increase revenue and decrease denials. Trust us – we know resolving billing issues isn’t anyone’s idea of fun– but with our expert advice backed up by industry knowledge plus customized reporting analytics, we promise to make it as painless as possible.

Practice operators in the behavioral health industry have long relied on spreadsheets, manual processes, and other inefficient systems to manage reimbursements and payments. But those days are over! Opus Managed billing solutions are all your practice needs, giving your team complete visibility into payment schedules and insights into how quickly services are reimbursed.

One way you can upgrade your process is by automating appointment reminders. This is a great way to increase efficiency without sacrificing patient care or wasting your staff’s time. Automating appointment reminders allows clinicians and administrators to set up automated emails that can be sent directly to patients before their appointments, reminding them of when they need to show up. This helps ensure that all appointments are attended on time, improving patient outcomes while reducing no-shows.

Another great way to upgrade your process is by implementing an interactive tablet-based kiosk for patient check-ins. This makes the check-in process simpler for providers and patients alike, as all information regarding the appointment can be found in one convenient location.

This allows patients to quickly sign in independently without waiting in line at a reception desk or speaking with staff members. This simplifies the entire process and reduces wait times significantly! It also improves accuracy since all patient information is stored securely within the system. The interactive kiosk also allows you to customize forms with specific questions related to each patient’s unique needs or preferences and add in their insurance information, ensuring that all relevant information is collected before the appointment starts so that there are no surprises during the session.

New and improved processes guarantee up-to-the-minute real-time transparency with constant tracking and a full suite of reporting tools. Not only do we provide complete revenue cycle specialists from patient payments to insurance reimbursement, but our high-tech solutions also do insurance verification to get you reimbursement payments in time. With maximum efficiency and optimal performance in managing claim adjudication, you can rest assured that our Opus Managed Billing solutions seamlessly navigate the sometimes-complicated world of medical billing and coding.

Are you drowning in medical billing paperwork and insurance paperwork? We understand. That's why we offer comprehensive medical billing services that provide a total billing solution - from patient payments to insurance reimbursement, no stone is left unturned! Our real-time dashboards and analytics reporting mean you'll know your billing performance anytime, helping serve patients and communicate with payers. New billing processes won't back down either - if denials, appeals, underpayments, or recoupment arise, Opus Billing Solutions will have your claims tracked to pay you what you're owed. With impressive first-pass claim adjudication, prompt remittance posting, and optimal performance overall, your payment cycle will be reduced drastically.

Additionally, upgrading your processes involves utilizing powerful analytics tools that give visibility into how fast your services are reimbursed and provide clear payment schedules. These tools allow you to see at a glance where reimbursements are coming from, what types of payment methods clients are using, how quickly they’re paying back claims, etc., so that you can make more informed decisions moving forward. It also gives clinicians valuable insight into whether or not their services are being reimbursed as expected.

The final benefit of Opus Managed billing solutions is that they offer flexible payment schedules that allow practices to choose what works best. Whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments, these systems provide options that work with any budget or timeline. Plus, they provide real-time updates, so you know exactly where your money stands at any time!

Automate appointment reminders with an interactive tablet-based kiosk for patient check-ins, so you don’t have any surprise visits during sessions or waste time manually sending out reminders yourself; utilize powerful analytics tools for visibility into reimbursement times; get paid quickly and accurately with clear payment schedules; streamline your entire cycle—all of these steps will add efficiency and flexibility while providing more control over how you manage reimbursements and payments moving forward so that you can make more informed decisions moving forward in the new year! With these powerful analytics tools, practices can easily measure KPIs such as overall financial performance, insurance claims status, accounts receivables aging reports, collections rate monitoring, etc. This allows for greater visibility when making informed decisions to optimize cash flow from claims quickly and accurately.

Upgrading your billing processes doesn’t have to be complicated—it simply requires research into which Opus Managed Billing solutions work best for you and your practice needs. Whether you are an inpatient or outpatient behavioral health facility, psychiatric, mental health, or substance abuse treatment center, we have the billing solutions for you. We have you covered with options for your practice: Opus Managed Billing Inpatient, Opus Billing Outpatient, and Opus Total Billing Platform. Our billing services are proactive, timely, automated, and transparent, the best in the space! You can make more informed decisions with Opus Managed Billing solutions in 2023! Schedule a consultation to meet with our team to get set up with the best-fit billing solutions for your practice.

Upgrade your processes today to make more informed decisions about your practice's billing solutions in 2023! Start streamlining today!

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