Digital Landscape: The Future of Electronic Health Records

Digital Landscape: The Future of Electronic Health Records

The question that many facilities are asking today, “With the high demand set on behavioral health, how is technology keeping up to meet client needs so we can get to our wait lists?”

OPUS Behavioral Health executives came from the behavioral health space and understand the inside-out of operations and importance of system use and client care. To keep up with the demand, OPUS is now launching an all-in-one platform, the first of its kind to boost productivity and put an ease of flow for facilities to better manage their clientele. By simplifying systems into a single sign on, creates a productive organizational workflow.

Practice efficiency to optimize an organization creates better time management, where clients can be seen sooner, and treatment plans be reflected in an all-in-one system. Eliminating miscommunication and status record updates to be reflected for providers and administrators to view. By having optimal performance an organization can make better use of their time to produce better patient outcomes. Higher performance measurements and transparency results in better practice decision making methods which are useful for cutting costs and overall quality improvement.

By using this advanced system, practices will now have efficient workflows with the all-in-one single sign on platform resulting in higher practice ROI’s.

When practices have more time with an organized and well managed system, providers can help more clients and get to their wait times quicker.

OPUS all-in-one platform with EHR, RCM and CRM solutions can boost sales and efficiency. Less time on systems and more organized workflow helps business operations to be more efficient with their productivity. Efficiency results on better focus on patient care and management. Ease of use of technology eliminates potential mistakes and improves communication flow within the practice, reflecting information through an all-in-one system.

More efficient practice, higher clarity on patient status and an organized referral network. When practices have their operations running smoothy, leads to effective patient outcomes and higher practice ROI’s. 

As stated by a Behavioral Therapy Doctor “Due to post pandemic therapy demand, time is critical with growing wait lists. Many therapists are facing high wait times due to the need and higher demand for mental health services.”

OPUS executives understand the impact the pandemic has caused the behavioral health industry and the need for more patient-provider time. Time management is crucial when with scheduling and every tool of simplicity is critical for smooth operations. OPUS now offers an all-in-one solution of advanced technology with ease of use and efficiency. The less time you must put into your systems on data entry and status updates, the more time you have to spend with your patient care. It’s your turn to rest your mind and be assured that OPUS simplifies your systems, so you can get to your appointments sooner and have an organized process backing up your operations. OPUS innovations have the tools and technologies to keep up with therapists’ business operations.

OPUS introduces the first of its kind an all-in-one solution features including:


  • Admission Status Reminders (Text/Email)
  • Admission Verification
  • Call Tracking
  • Preadmission reporting
  • Real Time Admissions Intelligence
  • Inbound/Outbound Referral Source Tracking
  • Customized Admissions Workflows


  • Comprehensive Medical Billing Services
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Practice Analysis
  • Team communication Specialists
  • Quick Payment Turnaround


  • Client Portal
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Group Note Dashboard
  • Medication Management
  • E-Prescribe
  • Demographic & Grant Reporting
  • Assessment & Progress Tracking
  • Telehealth

As the behavioral health industry evolves, we are innovating technology to keep up with your clinical demand. Our solutions will help you focus on your patients and have everything reflected and transparent in out integrated one sign on system approach. Allowing you to get to your wait list quicker, treat more patients, resulting in higher facility profits and ROI. Give OPUS a try through a 21-day free trial, your practice will be thrilled and relieved to make this smooth transition.

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