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At Opus, our culture and our team has always been an integral part of who we are as a company. We understand that customer and employee satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Our team comes from a range of diverse professional backgrounds and cultures, which fuels our compassion, creativity, and growth. We have built a culture of people passionate about helping those that help others.

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    Trey Wilson
    Chief Executive Officer

    Trey Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer of Opus EHR, a leading cloud-based Electronic Healthcare SaaS solution empowering healthcare providers to achieve improvements in administrative, cost, care, and quality goals. As CEO Trey oversees the management, operations, and performance of OPUS. With more than 20 years of experience in senior sales management and direct sales in information technology, outsourcing, and consulting services. Trey has an extensive background in strategy development, organizational leadership, market analysis, and the management of growth companies. Over the years, Trey has developed and driven go-to-market strategies across the companies he has served, to increase revenue and foster organic growth. He has also been responsible for implementing best practices and establishing consistent processes, tools, and techniques. Prior to joining the OPUS team, Trey served as Chief Revenue Officer for PracitceSuite, a leading provider of SaaS technology and clinical services for the ambulatory market. Mr. Wilson was also a founding member of and iLIANT Corporation.

    Trey holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida.

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    Humberto Buniotto
    Chief Operations Officer

    Humberto is the Chief Operations Officer at Opus EHR. Having been hired in 2015 as employee number 2, he led our initial efforts to strategize product functionality, development, and build the engineering team. He even assisted building the sales, marketing, support teams, as well as building processes to sustain a scalable operation. Since then, his role has evolved to handle strategic partnerships and support his team to reach their goals and drive innovation. Prior to joining Opus, Humberto was a Chief Compliance Officer and International Business Specialist at Real Transfer Remittance, a financial services conglomerate specializing in money transfer solutions in the US and abroad. There he led his team to scale the company from 7 physical locations in Massachusetts to over 70 locations and authorized agents in 6 states and 21 million ARR in 5 years. He has also served in advisory and consulting roles at various technology companies.


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    Hector Fraginals
    Chief Technology Officer

    Hector Fraginals is the Chief Technology Officer at Opus EHR; with over 15 years of software architecture and development experience, including more than five years in the healthcare industry, Hector is intimately aware of the challenges behavioral health providers face when working with EHR programs.

    As our CTO, Fraginals has been at the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative: the development of a cutting-edge EHR system from the ground up. Recognizing the critical dilemma faced by companies regarding EHRs, Hector elucidates Opus's mission: “bridging the gap between intuitive software and a feature-rich, fully customizable platform.”

    To accomplish this ambitious goal, Fraginals, and his team have constructed a remarkably robust engine incorporating state-of-the-art technologies. The resulting EHR system possesses a dual nature, combining exceptional intuitiveness with unparalleled dynamism. It offers a wide array of customizable workflows, documentation options, reports, and notes, empowering users to tailor the system to their specific requirements. Opus EHR further distinguishes itself through a seamless and powerful user experience adaptable to the needs of both small-scale and large-scale clients.

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    Adi Tiwari
    Vice President of Client Services

    Adi Tiwari is the Client Services Director at Opus EHR. He studied hospitality and business management at Miami-Dade College and holds a multitude of technical certificates. Armed with years of experience in managing the quality of EHRs, Adi is intimately aware of the challenges behavioral health providers face when working with EHR programs. Adi’s years of leadership as our Director of Client Services have allowed us to implement processes and procedures that ensure our clients are provided with the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive onboarding experience any EHR has to offer. His teams manage and coordinate quality assurance, support, training, and implementation of our products.

    “Training and onboardings are just 50% of our job” Adi explains, “The other 50% comes in the form of getting to know our client's business inside and out. We recognize that each organization we work with has a unique set of challenges and it's our goal to understand each one entirely. From state-level compliance regulations to even the most intricate of procedural workflows, our team has seen it all. By educating ourselves on our client’s workflows we can implement solutions that leverage all of the great features OPUS has to offer, and guarantee the best possible EHR experience for our clients.”


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    Ashley Gerchikov
    Director of Marketing

    Ashley Gerchikov has been in the healthcare marketing space for over 8 years and enjoys developing ideas and launching them through marketing methods. Through her efforts, she sets a vision to strategize healthcare-based businesses by seamlessly establishing or refreshing a connection to their customer base. She enjoys bringing companies to the forefront of their niche to best appeal to their target market.

    Prior to coming on board with Opus EHR, she came from 3 years of serving as a Healthcare Marketing Liaison for physician groups and solo practitioners by working side by side with the owner to strategize their practices through necessary marketing efforts. She also holds 5 years' experience as a Regional Territory Marketing Manager in a Healthcare Pharma Resource Company in which she launched the products to increase territory numbers by 1000% in sales through marketing efforts.

    Ashley holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and certifications in Marketing and Public Relations, Event and Meeting Planning, Digital Marketing, and Project Management.

    Ashley has great communication and excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. She has a passion for the healthcare industry, is great at collaborating with a team of decision-makers as well as works efficiently independently on all projects assigned. She is self-motivated, a leader, proactive, persistent in tasks and follow-up, dependable, and analytical. She believes in working hard and smart to accomplish all tasks prior to the deadline and is driven to obtain client results. She has exceeded expectations in all prior positions held, has innovative ideas, and is well organized. She is excited to be a part of the growth of OPUS Behavioral EHR to boost company presence to increase product usage.


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    Angela Nightengale
    Senior Sales Executive

    Angela Nightengale is the Senior Sales Executive at Opus EHR. She brings more than a decade of sales experience in the healthcare and software industries. Moreover, as an experienced business owner, Angela reveals operational opportunities to serve clients better and achieve ROI for her customers. An award-winning television journalist, Angela earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Kansas and understands the art of getting to the core of people's needs. As a competitive equestrian in show jumping, she knows the balance of establishing trust and pushing to win. Angela enjoys being active with her German Shepherd to recharge in her personal time.


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    Janelle Hall
    Project Manager

    Janelle Hall is the Project Manager at Opus EHR. She holds a degree in Business Marketing with minors in Computer Information Systems and Psychology from the University of Louisville. She is a Certified SAFe Scrum Master with years of experience in Healthcare IT at a Fortune 40 company. She has a background not only in project management but also in business systems analysis, user experience design, and data analytics. Janelle is adept at understanding business processes, technology, and customer-centric needs. She has a passion for continuous improvement of consumer experiences that deliver optimal customer value. She excels in communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. In her spare time, she enjoys baking desserts, yoga, and traveling to experience diverse cultures.


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    Brandon Johnson
    Account Executive

    Brandon is a skilled sales professional with over 10 years of experience in consultative sales, including over 2 years in healthcare and 8 years in wellness. His passion for sales stems from his desire to help others solve issues that prevent them from delivering quality care. He sees sales as an opportunity to bring insight and solutions and finds joy in seeing results for his clients. Brandon lives by the quote from Dale Carnegie "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care," and he takes pride in understanding his customer's needs and perspectives to serve them to the best of his ability.

    In addition to his career in sales, Brandon has a variety of interests outside of work. He enjoys writing and personal development, continually seeking ways to improve himself and his skills. He also prioritizes his physical health and can often be found at the gym in his free time and chasing around his Australian shepherd.